Borehole Thermal Energy Storage at Campus Wevelgem - Intercommunale Leiedal (BE)

Energy concept: The project site Campus Wevelgem is located in the center of the municipality of Wevelgem and contains several public services such as an elementary school, a preschool, a residential care house and a "Sociaal Huis". Leiedal aims at realizing one central Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) system for a Renewable Energy Community. The system is being installed underground on public domain. The geothermal energy will be used to provide heat and cooling for the existing and planned new buildings.

LECSEA - Wevelgem BEO

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Stakeholders involved:

  • Local municipality of Wevelgem and "Sociaal Huis"
  • Elementary school and preschool
  • Residential care house

The role of the energy brokers from Leiedal was very important to gather, inform and unburden the different stakeholders involved.

Technical: Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) is a form of shallow geothermal energy and consists of a grid of boreholes to extract heat and cold from the earth. In Wevelgem 112 boreholes are drilled in total. The holes are 65 meters deep.

Boreholes Wevelgem

Economical: Leiedal will engage an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to ensure a central management of the BTES-system, to financially and technically unburden the project partners and to gain efficiency and obtain an optimalization in the heating and cooling of the buildings targeted.

Contact person:

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