Energiedelen in appartementen

Energy sharing is a new concept in which customers can share their own or jointly generated energy directly with neighbours, friends, family, etc. Experts assume that there is still profit to be made by promoting energy sharing in apartments. After all, at the moment a large part of the roof surface in the densely built-up urban environment remains underused because the knowledge of syndics and the experience with guidance from the association of co-owners (VME) is limited and there are no good solutions yet for energy sharing in apartment buildings. . Because it is a new and quite complex matter, the Knowledge Center for Flemish Cities received a project grant from the Flemish Minister of the Interior, Administrative Affairs, Civic Integration and Equal Opportunities to investigate the potential of energy sharing in apartments and to facilitate its concrete implementation. The research assignment that started in March of this year was carried out by Th!nk-e and supervised by a steering group of experts from the central cities and the Flemish government, and resulted in four end products. During the research period, there was also room for consultation with various stakeholders in the field of energy sharing. The thresholds and possibilities for energy sharing were the subject of discussion at these meetings. The research assignment focused on performing simulations and supervising a number of VMEs in 20 apartment buildings spread over a number of cities. The researchers brought together the results of the simulations in a report that concludes with a summary conclusion that lists the most important insights gained. You can read more about the simulations here. Based on the findings of the simulation study and the feedback from the stakeholders, a report was drawn up in which the possible solutions for policy and regulation were mapped out. You can find these recommendations here. With the Encyclopaedia and the Step-by-step Energy Sharing Plan you will receive a practical online guide to achieve successful projects. They contain accessible information about what exactly energy sharing is and how you can start with energy sharing. You will find the Encyclopedia here and the Step-by-step plan here.